VR - Space Odyssey

Multi-player Virtual Reality Space Mystery

1 - 1.5 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
6 - Unlimited


CSI Space Odyssey is a murder mystery team building activity based on a space station. High definition graphics and escape room style problem solving ensure all team members are engaged from start to finish. Taking turns to share their VR headset, teams pit their collective wits to unravel how, why and when an intergalactic murder occurred. Their detective quest takes them deep into outer space and scouring through levels of an abandoned Star Ship, diligently searching for clues along the way. Interactive features and digital sound effects add to the intrigue as teams venture into unchartered sectors, piecing together a trail of evidence to eventually solve the crime.

Learning Outcomes

CSI Space Odyssey is a multi-player virtual reality game that develops leadership and teamwork skills under the pressure of competition and time. Teams learn that active listening and asking the right questions are keys to success. Using deductive reasoning from the general to the specific teams work to link premises to a logical certain conclusion. As the game progresses and each player takes their turn in the virtual world, á team’s ability to determine the gap between belief and reality improves. The competitive race to be the first team with the correct answer at each level, spurs pro-social behaviour ensuring all team members are actively engaged throughout the game, doing their very best for the team.

Related Testimonial

Space Odyssey sharpened everyone's active communication and problem solving. The competition in the room was electric - all participants were 100 percent focused.

Raymond White

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