Problem Solving

Find solutions to difficult or complex issues with logic, creative thinking, planning and evaluation.

problem solving activities

Problem solving is an intrinsic part of daily life. Its is regarded as a key proficiency desired by organisations of their people. Having competent problem skills are essential for individual and team success. Problem solving involves firstly finding and defining the problem. Then a process of defining the problem and discovering information about it. Collaborative dynamic teams have the benefit of seeing the problem from different points of view and thereby able to reframe the problem, identifying other aspects of the problem that might be better to solve. Its not impossible to do this as an individual though requires practise to think outside the box.

Once the problem has been framed correctly, applying creative thinking to work on alternative solutions. Decision making is then employed to select a solution and finally project planning skills are used to put the solution into action. Finally, assessing and evaluating the solution is important to long term success. Team building programs can assist teams and individuals to establish techniques to help improve their approach to solving problems.

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