Sausage Sensation

Teams learn the finer points of sausage making and create a regional delicacy.

1 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
10 - Unlimited


In Sausage Sensation teams are provided with basic ingredients and resources to create a unique regional sausage. There are many types to choose from with even vegetarian options. Teams mix the raw ingredients and then stuff the mixture into casings. Its more challenging that it looks to produce the perfect sausage. Teams design a marketing campaign for their sausage. The sausages are then cooked and the tasting and judging begins. Prizes are awarded for the most popular sausages. With many varieties to choose from there is no need for anyone to go hungry! Either washed down with a cool cocktail or iced glass of beer, these gourmet creations provide a relaxed atmosphere where everyone gets an opportunity to mingle and mixs.

Learning Outcomes

Sausage sensation provides a range of innovative and tailored team activities for all participants. It highlights the benefits of individual participation and intra-team collaboration while incorporating business specific objectives and organisational values. Sausage Sensation creates bonds between people. The division of responsibilities in the team, requiring co-operation and co-ordination, playing to the team strengths. Team members take on a variety of roles. This is an exciting activity with tangible results. Authentic tasks create real dynamics and real behaviors with positive outcomes. Sausage Sensation creates memorable moments that can serve as valuable common experiences for future reflection.

Related Testimonial

Everyone had a great time today making sausages and of course eating them too! Great shared experience working together. It even revealed some hidden chefs.

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