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Published on Jun 4, 2017

nternational retail business, Kingfisher Sourcing Organisation (KSO) took part in Breakthrough, a series of short burst competitive team challenges. Held outdoors (or indoors if needed) Breakthrough is a fast paced series of strategic and competitive interactive exercises in which teams must gain as many points as possible in the allotted time to win points on the leaderboard. The whole organisation is split into teams of 8-10 people and engage in activities such as:

Kingfisher Breakthrough challenge

Full Tilt

A strategic challenge where teams utilise a range of specified equipment and a limited water source to float an object in a huge apparatus in the fastest time. An innovative mindset and thinking out of the box is required to be first to win.

Next Step

An innovative task where teams stand on a pre-printed mat with a matrix of numbered circles. It is their challenge to move one at a time along the connecting nodes from their number to their colour. A great deal of planning and problem solving is required for this life-sized problem solver.

Team Caterpillar

Across a specially marked track, team members are attached at the feet with large skis and must coordinate together to complete in a series of relay races. Midway a hurdle must be crossed and time can be gained or lost as team members swap the skis at designated pit stops.


An creative construction challenge where teams build a medieval catapult from bamboo, bicycle tyre inner tubes and string. They must be able to fire a special ball and caught by different team members. Each successful catch gains more points on the leaderboard.

Finally all points are tallied and prizes are awarded for first, second and third places.

“Breakthrough is an excellent complement to any team conference as it gives delegates the chance to get outside and compete against each other and have lots of fun”

Mr Valery Cussenot, General Manager, KSO Hong Kong

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