Urban Circus

Teams learn circus skills like juggling, diablo, plate spinning and rolla bolla then perform.

1 - 4 hours
30 - Unlimited


Urban Circus begins with professional circus performers putting on an inspiring show. Next, participants are split into teams and instructed in skills like juggling, diablo, plate spinning and rolla bolla. After completing training, the teams show off their new skills.

Learning Outcomes

Focusing on the team, Urban Circus is all about helping and supporting others to achieve their goals. This adrenaline-fuelled, hugely enjoyable and very different event will inspire participants to go beyond their personal and shared expectations of what they thought they could achieve.

Related Testimonial

An energetic, engaging activity that built individual confidence. Achieving excellence in anything requires attention to learning the foundation skills, dedication to practice and trust in one's own ability to learn new skills. A fantastic metaphor for building a business.


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