Tubular Tunes

Get energised & invigorated creating adrenaline-pumping music as a team!

10 - 30 minutes
Indoors and Outdoors
10 - Unlimited


Tubular Tunes is percussion music in its most basic form. It's cost effective, simple, and real music and team harmony can be created within minutes. The 'instruments' are brightly coloured plastic tubes, which you can whack against anything and they produce a note! Combine lots of people with lots of tubes and you have the perfect ingredients for a whole lot of fun - and a great demonstration of team working in action!

Learning Outcomes

Energiser, ice-breaker and teambuilding session all in one, Tubular Tunes quickly turns any group of people into a full-blown percussion band. The end result aptly displays that a team truly achieves more than the sum of individual effort. Participants finish the exercise in a positive and receptive mood, energised and acting as one team with a common focus.

Related Testimonial

Wow that was fun! I'm buzzing. Such a unifying energising experience. Unforgettable.

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