Cooperative Augmented Reality Game

1.5 - 2 hours
8 - Unlimited


Safari is a mobile-based Augmented Reality city game, where players need to team up dynamically to collect objects, find the animals in AR and manage their communication channels to be able to safely catch all the animals before the time ends.

It was an ordinary night at the animal sanctuary before “Kamoola” discovered the guard sleeping, approached him, and stole the keys to the gate. “Kamoola” opened the sanctuary doors, and all the animals were able to flee. Teams download the app onto their personal device, scan the qr code and get ready to play. Using augmented reality, teams must round up the escapee animals and safely return them to the sanctuary. Players are assigned a role. Operators have a big map view with animal locations; Scientists gather potions to make sedatives and, Rangers gather equipment to catch and transport the animals.

Learning Outcomes

In Safari, each player must be aware of their position and strength as well as ensure that all team members can communicate effectively. The intriguing storyline and fantastical AR game format actively encourage all team members to participate. In working their way to the end goal, teams must actively listen, consider all opinions, and make decisions quickly in limited time. While socializing and having fun, participants will discover the talents of others, and learn how to work together to achieve their goal. The scalable gameplay means that Safari is suited to both small and large groups.

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