22 March 2017

Professional and practical study found that happy employees are more productive, have lower absence and more involvement in one company. But how to achieve that all employees are satisfied?

As told by eminent British writer and motivational speaker Simon Sinek: "Customers will never love your company, unless your employees does not love it first."

But how achieve satisfaction and engagement? And how to motivate the people who work every day for you?

Some companies measure employee happiness, and maybe even find that employees are happy in their workplace, like working with my colleagues loving the team-building events, but do not give the company its full potential.

So why is employee engagement so important?

Engaged employees are willing to work beyond their duties to achieve better results. Engaged executive manager solve problems during the journey home, not because he must, but because he enjoys it. Salesman involved in trade with bicycles is happy that he can help the customer choose the right bike and saddle from which it will not hurt customers back. Engaged cleaner cleans and sweeps the area in front of the company and from flowers in window, select all the dry leaves. Therefore, it is important to the involvement of employees at all levels.

Not surprisingly is that the companies with engaged employees are more productive up to 43%, as the company says Hay Group. That is almost half higher productivity! Engaged employees also contribute to a significantly better customer experience and improved customer experience then produces loyal customers. And that is goal of all companies.

How properly engage employees? We will explore in the next article.